Water Cooled Chiller




  • The water chiller is to provide a cooling process in plastic molding , to improve quality of molded products and period of injection molding cycles. Hence maximizes productivity of plastic molding manufacturing.
  • Famous brand new compressors, high efficient shell condensers and evaporators-excellent cooling, quiet with low electric consumption.
  • P.I.D Microprocessor control-easy to operate, accurately maintains temperature range from 3°C to 50°C.
  • Special open type reservoir tank with stainless steel-easy to clean and maintain.
  • Well design and reasonable pipelines-ensures power supply and saves energy.
  • Current-overload protector, high-and-low pressure switches, electronic time delayer, fault display system-safe and durable.
  • Liquid crystal display showing temperature of outlet and inlet chill water-provides visualized and direct setting.
  • Single, double or quadruple compressors combination available--economical and efficient.
  • Industrial designed-elegant and ergonomic

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